RappAttackMix - Kris P.

1.Just sayin fresh rhymes - Castle D 2.What people do for money - Divine sounds 3.Feel the Heartbeat - the treacherous three 4.Skid row _ Freddie Starr 5.We Rap More Mello - Younger Genration 6.Get Up - The Treacherous Three 7.The roof is on fire - Rock master scott and the dynamic three 8.Just freakin - D.J. Efx and Mind Motion Crew 9.Top Billin - Audio Two 10.Get Loose - Condition Red 11.And its Bass - Rock and Fizz 12.D.E.F. Momentum - D.E.F. feat. D.J. Three D 13.Rockin It - M.C. Flex and the FBI crew 14.Break dance Electric Boogie - West street Mob 15.Radio Activity Syndrome - Arcade Gang 16.Cold as Ice - Ice T 17.Blame it on the Music - J.J. Fad 18.Ray-Gun-omics - Project future


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